Hi, I'm Heymo!

I graduated from the Technical University in Berlin (Germany) about 20 years ago.

Let's skip the first ten years of my working life (anything that long ago doesn't matter anyway), even though I worked for a number of interesting companies like BMW or the Polytechnic of Namibia.

For the last ten years I have been focussing on web development in higher education, mostly using Drupal but the occasional PHP and WordPress site as well.

Duke University Student Affairs

For almost seven years I worked for Duke University Student Affairs in North Carolina, building custom PHP applications and maintaining their Drupal site.

Duke University Student Affairs

Michigan State University

This is my current position, at the Broad College of Business to be exact.

We do have a multi-site WordPress installation, and several custom web application. It's a lot of fun!

Michigan State University College of Business

University of Michigan

While working for the University of Michigan Health Systems I worked on a complex Drupal site, along with several custom PHP applications.

University of Michigan Health Systems

Social Media